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With the onslaught of technology and our dependence on it, the security risks involved in the data transfers are becoming more and more eminent. An effective security approach requires a balance. Enterprises must leverage their existing security assets intelligently. They must integrate business, technology, and operational security methods and employ these assets to address information security compliance requirements and combat risk. And they must maintain an unremitting focus on controlling cost. Striking that balance can be difficult.
Fortunately, it’s something Proactive’s professional services experts know how to deliver. We can help you develop, plan, assess, design, and implement effective strategies in areas essential to a total enterprise security approach. Proactive Solutions have proven their competence in providing Secured Data Transfer facilities. These services are fully supported by team of technically sound people that have their expertise in Network security solutions, along with Risk management. With extended exposure to web based applications and services, the conventional networking barriers are losing out on their significance and thereby the exposure to the security issues is looming large over corporate.
Proactive is partnered with Cisco to provide Security Solutions that help you prevent data loss, and computer malwares; at the same time they comply with the company’s standards and requirements. We believe in providing a holistic approach to the threat; whereby we offer the solutions based on our innovative principles. We are able to envision the prospective threats and the dangers that the system could experience, and thereby our systems are designed in a manner by which we use safe pioneering technology to provide for security of the data. This is done in addition to providing highly secure monitoring technologies.

Build Your Security Operations Centre with the Help of Experts: We have over 15 Years of Experience into Network Security

Proactive can partner with you to develop or improve existing network security framework, delivered with world-class security services and operations expertise. Proactive’s Network Security Solutions can help you establish, maintain and monitor a comprehensive security posture through professional security services, and network based security services.

Proactive’s Approach

Secure Borderless Networks
Cisco’s expertise in securing enterprise architectures helps you combine collaboration with protection. Cisco security solutions can help you protect your people, information, applications, and network by using your network to unify communication and collaboration while transparently implementing access and security safeguards. With Cisco security solutions, you can unleash your company’s productivity with the confidence that you are minimizing IT security risk. By implementing security products and practices at the network level, you can:

• Reduce complexity
• Enable tighter integration
• Close risk gaps
• Provide greater visibility to end-to-end security
• Make security easier to deploy and manage
• Implement advanced capabilities while protecting past investments
Solution Portfolio
Cisco products and solutions cover a vast array of security practices:
• Anomaly detection and mitigation
• Application optimization and security
• Compliance validation
• Endpoint security
• Firewall, identity management
• Integrated router/switch security
• Multifunction security
• Network intrusion protection
• Security management

Cisco Network Security
Explore the technologies that support Cisco's Secure Borderless Network strategy:

• Network Security - Build a network security infrastructure that inherently detects and blocks invasive software attacks and intruder access
• Email and Web Security - Reduce costly downtime associated with email-based spam, viruses, and web threats
• Security Management- Simplify the configuration, monitoring, and management of your Cisco security capabilities
• Secure Access Control - Enforce network security policies, help secure user and host access control, and control network access based on dynamic conditions and attributes
• Secure Mobility - Create an environment that promotes highly secure mobile connectivity with the benefits of Cisco SSL VPN, IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels, user profiles, and named hosts

Data Center Security
Today's Data center is a key target for criminals trying to hijack, steal, or destroy critical and confidential information. Cisco Data Center Security solutions enable you to create a trusted data center infrastructure based on a systems approach and using industry-leading security solutions:

• Threat control
• Data loss prevention

These solutions enable you to rapidly deploy data center technologies without compromising on the ability to identify and respond to evolving threats, protect critical assets, and enforce business policies.

Cisco’s Security products and solutions
These solutions use your IT network as the platform for secure borderless networks.

• Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution - Help enable highly secure mobility for PC-based and smartphone platforms.
• Cisco TrustSec - Gain visibility into and control who is connecting to your network, and what they are doing after they connect.
• Threat Defense - Actively and collaboratively control and contain known and unknown threats.
• Cisco Data Loss Prevention - Protect valuable data, control and monitor network access, and enforce content policies.
• Cisco Virtual Office - Help securely extend video, voice, wireless, and data services to your remote workforce.
• Cisco Secure Remote Access and VPN - Protect the privacy and integrity of information through your business communications.
• Cisco Protection and Access - Control, monitor, and troubleshoot your enterprise network access policy.

The Secured system provided to you by Proactive is a result of right design, implementation, and good support of strong networking solutions. We use the Self Defending Network solution that is able to identify the threats, prevent it and also protect and adapt itself from the threats. Our ‘Defensive approach’ is an effective disaster management strategy that helps us to take action even before there are any actual damages done. By providing a secured environment for the sensitive information, we help in maintaining a balanced security program for information that is consistent with best industry standards.

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