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Physical security describes measures taken by corporate that are designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel (including attackers or even accidental intruders) from physically accessing a building, facility, resource, or stored information; and guidance on how to design structures to resist potentially hostile acts

With the increased demands and dependence on the security solutions, Technology has also evolved significantly. While in past eras, there was no passive infrared (PIR) based technology, nor were there any electronic access control systems, or video surveillance system (VSS) cameras. But now these have become a necessity; and Proactive provides a very competent solution in physical security space.

Essentially a good physical security solution is a combination of defensive principles that are designed to do the following

•  Deter
•  Delay
•  Detect, and
•  Respond (and ultimately, deny access)

Elements and Design

The Security Engineering Department at Proactive has identified and formulated many elements to physical security. These elements are all aimed at detecting, and thereby averting the possibility of physical intrusions in to the offices. They are meant to provide obstacles to the intruders and thereby trying to frustrate and inhibit their approach of doing any physical damages in the offices.Detection systems, such as surveillance systems, Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Security Lighting, CCTV, to make it likely that attacks will be noticed; and security response, to repel, catch or frustrate attackers when an attack is detected.

In a well designed system, these features must complement each other. There are at least four layers of physical security:

•  Environmental design
•  Mechanical, electronic and procedural Access Control
•  Intrusion detection (with appropriate response procedures)
•  Personnel Identification (authentication)

Proactive believes in ‘Technology driven solutions’ and Today the world made his move to “Physical Security and the integration to the IP Networks”.

Customers can make the most of video system investments and gain new security capabilities from different Partners in Physical Security solutions. Proactive Provides Scalable Systems which is CCTV, Access Controls and Web-based software and broadcast-quality hardware Integrate with existing analog and change in to IP network-centric systems to facilitate faster incident response and resolution.

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