Data Centre & Virtualization solutions
Unifying the data center not only saves costs and increases business potential, but it also is critical for keeping the organization operating at maximum potential. At Proactive we offer end to end Data Center and Virtualization solutions to the clients. We do a thorough examination of the servers, network capacity, storage capability, disaster recovery techniques used and also backup facility prevalent in the organization. Based on the client requirements we offer Data Centre and Virtualization Solutions. These include; centralization, consolidation, higher-bandwidth network connections, and reduced footprint through virtualization and blade servers, lower power requirements, and streamlined/automated remote maintenance. Virtualization imparts efficiencies in an organization based on dynamic sharing of resources and information across various applications.

The Virtual Infrastructure solutions delivered by us are so intrinsically intertwined in the organizational structure of the corporate that it works to give a push to the already existing structure. With our effective assessment facility we are able to provide with the best Returns on Investments. These help in giving cost benefits, also with the assessments we lay down baseline metrics which helps us in delivering effective performance strategies for our clients

Proactive is partnered with the most successful suppliers of data center and storage products and services, including the following:

• Cisco Systems (Unified Computing System simplifies your IT environment),
• EMC Storage (for dynamic and efficient data management),
• VMware (for complete virtualization solutions).

Benefits of Virtualization: Virtualization increases the efficiency of Data Centre Solutions. Virtualization brings the potential to deliver dramatic savings in terms of server count, footprint, power consumption and cooling requirements for data centers. It not only helps in increasing the manageability, rather it also helps in saving money by eliminating the extra workforce necessary to run multiple management systems. Proactive has the ability to deploy the most advanced technology solutions along with the most optimized and tested methodologies to enhance the customer's overall experience while addressing investment concerns. We help businesses derive maximum business benefits by shifting information technology to the cloud. Proactive Data Systems also helps its clients establish a cloud computing platform with lower IT costs and increased computing speed up to a thousand times current capability. Furthermore, we help clients establish their datacenter management and disaster tolerance backup center on the Cloud; thereby giving a competitive edge to the customers that helps them to leverage their company in a favorable manner. With the technological onslaught the operational cost of our clients is reduced to more than half, therefore their potential savings are phenomenally high.

Why Us?

• Proactive is a Cisco Systems Silver Partner and also has Cisco Unified Computing Technology Specialization.
• Proactive is an EMC certified Partner.
• Proactive has a comprehensive understanding of data storage design, server and desktop virtualization, enterprise networking and data center cabling.
• Proactive’s Structured Cabling Division, provides data center interconnects, patch cabling systems, rack systems, grounding and bonding systems, and cable management systems.

Roadmap to Proactive’s Data Centre Design:
We follow the following steps in 'evaluating the customers’ requirements for a new Data Centre:

1. It all starts with a map. Where are we? Where do we need to be? What is the best route to get there? How fast can we (or should we) go? What resources do we need to make it? Every client has a different course to follow, and we customize the Data Center plan to your business goals, personnel and resources. Alliant will work with you to find the best blend of private, public, or hybrid cloud approaches for your business.

2. Preparation. For all data center projects, we live by the philosophy that you need to spend 90% of the project timeline in the preparation stage and 10% in the implementation stage. With our broad experience in moving or virtualization of large data centers, we marshal the right people, suppliers, equipment and resources for success.

3. Implementation. All our hard work culminates with the cut-over, testing and completion of a successful new data center environment.

Data Virtualization solutions provided by us are such that they cater to many different facets of an organization, and the team of Proactive has the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle everything very effectively. All aspects from assessment, to customized designs, implementation and training are effectively executed by our professionals. And the end results undoubtedly are…. increased efficiency and reduced costs for our clients.

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