Core Values
Proactive has established an enviable reputation in the computer networking technology arena. The main contributor towards achieving this unparalleled position is the ‘Result Oriented’ approach that we provide in all our transactions with which we are able to satisfy our clients. Our core values have enabled us to win the confidence of our clients and have also helped build a highly reputable brand value for all the services that we offer. We use sound principles and values, which guide us in all our business interactions and ensure that we move on an accelerated path of success. The principles we follow and our core values enable us to provide services that give our customers value for their money. That is the prime reason for the ever growing list of clients that come back to Proactive for repeated orders:
We have a passion for commitment, and a burning desire to comply with stipulated time frames. This helps us to deliver services on time and to thereby gain the confidence of our clients. Our 24x7 response mechanism has enabled us to not only gain the confidence of our clients but has helped us retain them too.
  • We value Client inputs. While our team of professionals is highly qualified and trained to provide the best solutions to our customers, we like to keep ourselves open to suggestions and do always try to deliver as per customized requirements. We have people that are sensitive towards your individual needs and who are highly adept at delivering custom-made solutions.
  • Quality Assurance solutions at all times which in turn guarantee that the end results are completely as per client expectations. It is our attempt to always deliver most efficient solutions, using very rigorous quality assurance processes. We follow very stringent processes to ensure quality
  • Core Competence. We are focused and are constantly enhancing our core competence by putting systems, developing best practices, investing in laboratory equipment, and trainings.
  • • Our high commitment levels focus and understanding have enabled us to become industry leaders in Computer Networking. We have made special strides in Collaboration, Contact Centres, Virtualisation and Cloud Technologies, Video, Data Centres, and Borderless Networks.

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