Business Video Solutions
Video is the new future of communication. A wide spectrum of video services provided by us deliver a 360 degree solution for all progressive communication needs of corporate making it easier to connect and collaborate from anywhere at any time. By creating a strong virtual reality using HD technology, we are able to impart excellence to business solutions giving face to face meeting experience. Proactive Data Systems carries a track record in building your entire video ecosystem more reliable and scalable. Gaining of Cisco Telepresence Video Advance Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) certification has enabled Proactive to provide its customers with best video management platform. We possess unparalleled experience and qualifications in designing Business Video Solutions and providing customers a new way to do business.

Some of the benefits of video solution that customers have experienced are:-
  • Has increased efficiency while reducing costs.
  • Help in providing an efficient system along with reducing the cost of operations.
  • Substantial decrease in the travel cost.
  • Saves time by:-
             a. Has speed up the development of new products and services
             b. Allows Multi-point meetings across Time Zones & International Boundaries
             c. Created a medium for conducting interviews and trainings
  • A way to strengthen bonds with remote colleagues and customers between personal visits and telephone calls. We all know that "a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Face-to-face meeting gives participants the chance to see others' body language and facial expressions, which are important factors for a sales or a board meeting.
  • Interactive meetings and interactive trainings become easy using this platform. This unique technologically driven communication strategy has enabled us to achieve bigger and better results, and has also helped us to transcend geographical and time related barriers to serve our customers better.

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